Activities & workshops of the farm

if the fancy takes you, we will be very happy to inviolve you in the various activities on the farm :

  • collect eggs
  • feed the animals and brush Awenn, the mare
  • pick and collect fruits and vegetables,...

Throughout the year, we organize various workshops, led by ourselves and/or external stakeholders such as: :

  • Introduction to permaculture
  • Size of fruit trees

Products of the farm

During your stay, we offeryou the various products of the farm, elaborated in the respect of Nature, and without any chemicals, following the principles of permaculture.

You can therefore buy :

  • Eggs (happy hens raised outdoors)
  • lamb meat and spicey sausages "Lande de bretagne", a rustic breed adapted to our climate (never sick!)
  • Beef meat "from Armoricain breed, an old breton rustic breed adapted to our climate
  • Variety of seasonal fruits and vegetables
  • Apple juice

Prices available on request..

hive horse Awenn goat -les jardins de Coët-Kra animals - Jardins de Coet-Kra Basse-cour - Jardins de Coet-Kra goat family - Jardins de Coet-Kra baby goose- Jardins de Coet-Kra